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Supl.online is a platform for small and medium businesses, a website for wholesale customers and suppliers. We help companies around the world quickly find the best suppliers and new customers and promote their products on the Internet.

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We simplify the purchasing process, allow you to quickly find the best suppliers and save up to 40%
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The customer places an order for the products he needs

It only takes 1 minute to place an order.

Suppliers offer their prices

We notify the supplier about new order by mail, after notifications they offer their prices for the products.

The customer chooses a supplier

The customer can choose any offer that suits him best from all the offers received and contact the supplier.
Ruslan Rakhimov
Since 2020, many logistics and supply chains have broken down, and the structure of demand in different regions is changing. This trend has intensified in 2022. We launched a platform for customers and suppliers in different countries to find each other. Our platform and legal entity are located in the politically neutral Republic of Kazakhstan, which allows us to be a link between all countries. First of all, the platform is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.
Ruslan Rakhimov

How much does it cost?

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The platform is free for customers. You can place an unlimited number of orders.
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