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Order № 1547315

Intermediary services (agencies) are required on the territory of China (Guangzhou) for the purchase and shipment of various goods to Uzbekistan (Tashkent). Budget - from 100,000 rubles, monthly. Relevant from February 15

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Order № 1542701

Broker services are required for registration and execution of transactions in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The amount of work is 10 transactions. Please provide your price list and terms of cooperation. Do not disturb with calls, leave suggestions on the website or send by e-mail. We will consider performers in Kazakhstan and from abroad. Location Almaty

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Order № 1487924

Printing is required to supply the production. Dimeter 10 cm, the layout is ready Purchase volume - 1 pc. We will consider offers from suppliers in Pavlodar. Delivery to Pavlodar

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Order № 1482012

Stamp products are required: graham tooling, for production. Interested in the middle price segment. The purchase budget is 50,000-100,000 tenge, long-term cooperation is planned. Please provide a price list and terms of cooperation on WhatsApp. We will consider proposals for the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia. Delivery to Uralsk.

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Order № 1458314

Fulfillment services are required: 1. Product - vegetable oil, packing 250 g and cereals, packing 1 kg or 10 kg; 2. Packaging - bottles, boxes and bags. Storage is not required. We will consider proposals from performers in Kazakhstan. Delivery to Irtysh, Pavlodar region

Order № 1430327

Accessories and cases for stamps and seals are required, we will consider all offers in the assortment, for retail sale. The purchase budget starts from 400,000 tenge. Long-term cooperation is planned. Please send a commercial offer in electronic form. We will consider suppliers throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS countries and China. Delivery to Nur-Sultan

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Order № 1412084

A food truck is required, an internal area of 10-12 m2, inside with a countertop, stainless steel, we will consider all offers in terms of sizes in the assortment, for sale and supply. The price segment is low. The purchase volume is up to 10 pieces. Long-term cooperation is planned. Please send a commercial offer. We will consider suppliers in the Republic of Belarus. Delivery to Vladimir

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Order № 1188317

An investor is required for a project on growing and selling agricultural products: vegetables, berries, melons. We need a companion on 50/50 working conditions, we do not work for hire. Previously, we dealt with the cultivation of vegetables in the following volumes: 90,000 hectares of tomatoes, 40,000 hectares of carrots, 40,000 hectares of beets, 40,000 hectares of onions, 80,000 hectares of watermelons, 80,000 hectares of zucchini under working conditions on the Russian market. We will consider commercial offers from suppliers from all over Russia and CIS countries. Village of Stalnoye, Dzhankoy district, Republic of Crimea

Legal, financial and business services

На платформе для бизнеса supl.biz вы получаете доступ к заявкам в рубрике “Юридические, финансовые и бизнес-услуги”.

Компании из Москвы и других городов России размещают на сайте оптовые заказы на оказание таких услуг, как:
— проведение экспертизы (медэкспертиза, строительная экспертиза, контроль качества, оценка условий труда, экологическое сопровождение предприятия и т.д.);
— финансовые услуги (инвестиционные организации, брокерские услуги, финансовый консалтинг);
— сертификация и лицензирование;
— юридические услуги (регистрация и ликвидация предприятия, составление договора, оформление сделки, нотариальные услуги, юридические консультации);
— таможенное оформление;
— банковские услуги;
— бухгалтерские услуги;
— кредитование;
— поиск готового бизнеса, франшиз;
— консалтинговые услуги;
— страхование;
— энергоаудит и т.д.

Оставить предложение заказчику вы можете на сайте supl.biz. Заполните поле в рамке под текстом заказа и укажите цены на предоставляемые услуги и условия сотрудничества.

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